GV Marketing Channels

Technical Equipment

As regards the technical equipment and institutional capacity, GV provides our ‘learners’ not only mentoring and advice but also the facilities for them both during and after their studies which they decided to undertake with GV. Learners take their exams and/or interviews at GV offices in separate meeting rooms with technical capacity.

Institutional capacity

As part of our company, we have the Oxford House College, İstanbul, with technical equipment for online learning facilities, 7 classrooms with capacity of up to 20 people with fully equipped meeting rooms.


IEFT fair is organized twice each year that reaches approximately 40,000 candidates for all levels of higher education a good deal of which are graduates or experienced employees looking to further their studies either online or through different programs that meet their needs.

Direct Counseling

Direct Counseling in our 6 Branch offices, GV offices have the potential to introduce new programs to our students with the experience of our full-time counselors who have developed expertise over years on choosing the right program for the right candidate.

Corporate Education Counseling

Corporate Education Counseling, through corporate meetings GV provides counseling to corporations and companies in their efforts to increase efficiency through implementing education programs at work place.

Global Visions Web Pages

Global Visions International Education web page was established on 1998 and it is on the air until now. By year-end, our corporate web site will welcome its new visitors with a new software.


Global Visions International Education web page (globalvizyon.com) is visited by approximate 4000-6000 individual and 12000-14000 plural visitors every day. Globalvizyon.com is among the top 7000 web sites which is mostly visited according to data of alexa.com which is accepted as most reliable rating computation page by many data processing authorities in the world. Globalvizyon.com is also the mostly visited web page in the education sector. The web site will reach 8000 -10000 individual visitors in a day with its new software.


This web site is belonged to Global Visions International Education for the university students in Turkey. It is active since 2003 and is visited more than 10000 students everyday. Bursbul.com is among the top 5000 most active web sites in Turkey according to alexa.com data.

Global Visions Mailing

Global Visions sends notice-purposed emails to the students and visitors who are filled out forms through websites every couple of weeks and Global Visions is able to return to about 75.000 visitors.


This is the most comprehensive education magazine in the education area. Whole developments in overseas education is conveyed to readers in great detail with this magazine which is published the amount 15000 every year in January. This magazine is presented to the students in whole fairs,events,offices and newsagents. You can reach 15000 people directly with this magazine